At Sirang Rasaneh studio, our talented team of visual artists and web designers strive to infuse their dreams of visual achievement into each and every client endeavor.
Having built our reputation as one of the finest in macromedia flash design, web continually push beyond the boundaries of online creation, by exploring the most advanced design techniques available today.
Simply put, design is out passion, our expression, and our instrument to communicate your vision.

- Strategic planning and information design
- Graphic design and multimedia
- Web site redesign
- Web programming (Back end development)
- Dynamic database web design
- Feedback auto/manual web forms
- Graphical web advertisement
- Logo &, corporative identity package
- Brochures, catalogue &, other printed materials
- Promotional materials
- Packaging
- Signage (tradeshows, exhibits,..)
From experience, Sirang Rasaneh studio known that no matter how well your web solution is designed, unless you have a solid Back-End, Your web presence will be incomplete.
With this in mind, we have assembled an unparalleled team of developers to build and deploy each solution, drawing upon fundamental best of breed principals.
Our team, each with over a decade of industry experience, is well versed in a wide array of current technologies. From powerful industry portals to E-Commerce sites , Sirang Rasaneh can deliver any solution.

- E-commerce programming
- Credit card acceptance and administrative interface
- Web site hosting, publishing and maintenance
- Virtual Private Networks
- Intranet development
- Web Promotion
Our team of motion graphics designers, animators and media specialists has the difficult task of extending their visions well beyond static creativity into the imagination of complex virtual experiences. equipped with an array of sophisticated production tools, we consistently deliver rich multimedia solutions, laced with interactivity and captivating sequences.
Whichever you require, be it a kiosk, a presentation, an annual report, or a product demonstration - you can rest assured that Sirang Rasaneh studio will deliver a rewarding, adrenaline rushing media experience.
- Interactive presentations
- Web multimedia
- 3D graphic
- 2D &, 3D Animation
- Multimedia CD ROM
- Animated advertisement
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