:: Sirang Rasaneh :: is a web development and software engineering company. Our software group, or 'backend' folks, specializing in java-centric and open source software development.

Our web design group, the 'frontend' people, specialize in creating sites that are as usable as they are beautiful. The front and backenders get together to create highly interactive, well designed sites and software for companies of all sizes.

Step 1 - Research, Analysis, and Design
Once Mission Data has been chosen as your developer of choice, our team will meet with you to learn more about your goals and objectives. We then create a plan of action that will include sitemapping and design prototyping.
Sitemap and Creative Prototypes of look and feel, navigational structure

Step 2 - Team/Client Review
Team meets with client to review the sitemap and prototypes. Further input from client gathered and revisions are made, when necessary.
Communication between the team and the client is critical in this step in order to finalize the sitemap and prototype. Upon finalizing the prototype and site structure, a timeline is created and production begins.
Finalized Sitemap, Prototype, and timeline, Client Sign-off

Step 3 -
Sirang Rasaneh begins the site 'buildout' - creating the website or application using our tools, from creating the graphical interface to programming and database interactivity.
The Project Manager will coordinate the flow of content and communications between the team and the client. As the site begins to take shape, a staging area is made available for the client for online review of site progress.
Working site ready for testing.

Step 4 - QA Testing/Client Review
Sirang Rasaneh begins thorough testing of the website or business application. We test on multiple browsers and browser versions, and across platforms, operating systems, and computers. The navigation and site structure are tested to ensure that the user can navigate easily through the interface. The client will critique the project and make final suggestions and revisions before the project is launched.
Refined website ready for launch.

Step 5 - Project Launch
The site/project is launched and made available to your site visitors/users. Additional testing is done to ensure a seamless migration of the project from the staging server to our production servers.
Live site

Step 6 - Site Updates and Maintenance
Sirang Rasaneh can update your website for you, or you can use any of our WebTools modules to update your site yourself - no HTML or FTP required!

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